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We think personal finance education is so important, we're paying people to learn.

Everyone knows money doesn't grow on trees. At least they will if H&R Block has any say in it. By learning strong budgeting skills and fiscal discipline early, kids can gain the knowledge and confidence to manage their own financial future. Our free H&R Block Budget Challenge encourages students to learn personal finance in a fun, engaging way while competing against other classrooms and students for $3 million in classroom grants and student scholarships.

Money smarts + classroom grants + student scholarships = 1 challenge worth taking on


The H&R Block Budget Challenge

It's fun. It's free. And students love it. Participants encounter real-world personal budgeting situations, problem-solving, and decision-making through an online simulation and accompanying lessons that meet national standards. With sessions September through April, teachers have six opportunities to participate.

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The Awards

H&R Block will award $3 million in classroom grants and scholarships throughout the competition including a $100,000 GRAND PRIZE SCHOLARSHIP.

60 opportunities for classroom grants up to $5K
132 opportunities for student scholarships of $20K
Grand prize scholarship of $100K
Student incentive during game play

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