About Dollars & Sense

When tested on general financial knowledge, nearly 50% of high school seniors fail. We’re working to change that. H&R Block is committed to helping teens learn how to manage finances – so the kids of today become the financially responsible adults of tomorrow.

Our Commitment

Financial knowledge is a necessity, not a luxury.

See how we’re helping to educate the future generation of Americans.

Online Learning

In partnership with the Council for Economic Education, H&R Block Dollars & Sense provides free state-of-the-art games to anyone interested in honing their personal finance skills. Through Gen i Revolution, Beyond the Mission and Murktide Invasion, players attempt to help people in financial trouble while learning critical money skills.

Classroom Curriculum

Thousands of high schools nationwide have received curriculum grants since H&R Block Dollars & Sense was created in 2009. Check out our current resources.

Investing in Teens

H&R Block Dollars & Sense awards scholarships through partnerships with DECA, DoSomething.org, Future Business Leaders of America, Youth Entrepreneurs, the Hispanic Access Foundation, New Futuro and more.