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Financial education, that is. When kids learn about personal finances, they grow up to be financially responsible adults. That’s why H&R Block is working with parents, teachers, and students to give young people the knowledge they need to manage their money. Because when we invest in teaching them now, the returns benefit everyone.
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It’s a conversation every parent must have with his or her child. Yes, we’re talking about managing personal finances. Here are some helpful ideas for how parents can teach their kids to become financially responsible adults.
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As much as kids may not want to admit it, parents are right, money does not grow on trees. But with some knowledge and understanding about personal finances, you can grow your money. Here are some helpful tips for teens on how to save, manage, and protect their money.
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It’s an age-old question. “How do you get kids interested in learning?” We’ve got some ideas. Here are some tools for teachers to help them get students engaged in and excited about their financial education.
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photo by Tax via Flickr A recent global survey found  the U.S. ranks average when it comes to teen financial fitness. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development‘s Programme for International Student Assessment collected answers from more than 29,000 15-year-olds in 18 different countries through an hour-long written test, focused on financial issues such as understanding a bank statement, the long-term costs of a loan and how insurance works.  The result: American teenagers are behind similarly-aged students in China and New Zealand. Highlights of the survey include: About 18% of American students did not demonstrate a basic level of financial proficiency U.S. teens were slightly less likely than teens in other countries to have checking accounts Teens with their own bank accounts scored higher on the test than teens without bank accounts — but teens from wealthier families were far more likely to have bank accounts, so other socio-economic factors…

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Our CEO Bill Cobb breaks down how Budget Challenge - Personal Finance Simulation works on The Wall Street Journal: ... See MoreSee Less

A new online game from H&R Block simulates real-life as an adult – paying bills, managing expenses, saving money, paying taxes and more - aims at teaching teens financial literacy. H&R Block CEO Bill Cobb joins Lunch Break with Sara Murray to discuss. Photo:

September 15th

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