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Financial education, that is. When kids learn about personal finances, they grow up to be financially responsible adults. That’s why H&R Block is working with parents, teachers, and students to give young people the knowledge they need to manage their money. Because when we invest in teaching them now, the returns benefit everyone.
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It’s a conversation every parent must have with his or her child. Yes, we’re talking about managing personal finances. Here are some helpful ideas for how parents can teach their kids to become financially responsible adults.
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As much as kids may not want to admit it, parents are right, money does not grow on trees. But with some knowledge and understanding about personal finances, you can grow your money. Here are some helpful tips for teens on how to save, manage, and protect their money.
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It’s an age-old question. “How do you get kids interested in learning?” We’ve got some ideas. Here are some tools for teachers to help them get students engaged in and excited about their financial education.
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You’d better start saving now, because the worst that could happen is only one of a million things that could happen. Here are the first 10 of 21 of them: 1. Falling in love photo by heydanielle via Flickr Ah, love. There’s nothing like it. You want to do everything you can to make that person happy, so you take them to dinner, you buy them things, you buy yourself things to try and appear more attractive to them — and suddenly you realize you spent all your rent money on hair products and $12 cocktails. 2. Car accidents photo by stupid.fotos via Flickr Even with good insurance and no injuries, your deductible for repairing the damage from a car crash can be upwards of hundreds of dollars. Maybe keep an emergency fund that’s separate from your vacation fund to avoid the feeling that your whole life is ruined. 3….

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