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3 Technologies You Need to Know About to Help Teens Financially

Crystal Rapinchuk weighs in on three personal finance trends that can benefit everyone — especially teens.


Remembering the Fundamentals of Personal Finance in the Digital World

With the ease of technology, it’s important not to forget these personal finance basics.


Why Game-based Learning Works for Financial Education

Find out why game-based educational tools, like the H&R Block Budget Challenge, are so effective in teaching personal finance skills.


5 Easy Ways to Save Money Using Technology

Financial adviser Brian Page shares tips for leveraging technology to save more than ever.


Teaching Your Kids Via Apps

Wendi Williams shares six mobile apps that allow for smart money management with the swipe of a finger.


How the Mobile Wallet Will Impact Money Management

Cash, who needs it?! Erin Lowry explains how an increasingly digital society can impact money management.


Technology in the Classroom

Vicki Davis shares tips on how classrooms can use technology to personalize learning in engaging ways.


The Evolution of Banking: How Automation Saves Time, Teaches Money Management & Builds Bonds

Clinical psychologist Jennifer Powell-Lunder explains the benefits of embracing advancements in banking.

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5 Unexpected College Expenses To Start Planning For Now

Tuition? A given. Books? Of course. Here are some college expenses that are easy to overlook.

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Teaching Teens: Why It’s Important To Invest In The Future

Wendi Williams of Playground Dad shares advice for helping teens take interest in their financial future.