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Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for the Frugal Lover in Your Life

Here are three takes on classic Valentine’s Day gifts that will save you some cash without skimping on romance.


Meet H&R Block Budget Challenge Scholarship Winner: Angela Lin

We chatted with Angela to find out what she did differently this time around that made her so successful as well as what she thought of the program overall.


Teens & Taxes: Spring Is Coming! But So Is Tax Day

Punxsutawney Phil’s declaration this morning that we’re in for an early spring may have you thinking of frolicking through dewy meadows, but don’t let that cloud distract you from the upcoming tax deadline.


Clements High School H&R Block Budget Challenge Winners Receive Their Checks! [GALLERY]

Check out photos from the event and help us congratulate the H&R Block Budget Challenge winners on all their hard work!

Matt Tetreau

Meet H&R Block Budget Challenge Scholarship Winner: Matt Tetreau

Hard work and long-term planning pay off when taking the H&R Block Budget Challenge. Don’t believe us? Just ask Matt Tetreau from St. Clair High School in Michigan who won a $20,000 scholarship. We spoke with him to learn more about how he was so successful!


What Teachers Are Saying About the H&R Block Budget Challenge

See what our winning teachers from last semester have to say about their classes’ participation and get involved in the next simulation by registering here!

How Important is Money to Teens? [INFOGRAPHIC]

How important is saving, spending and investing to teens? Here’s what we found out.

(Photo provided by Amanda Volz)

H&R Block Budget Challenge in Action: Q&A with Teacher Amanda Volz

We caught up with St. Clair High School teacher Amanda Volz to find out how she keeps her students motivated in the H&R Block Budget Challenge and why she’d recommend it to others.


Does My Teen Have to File a Tax Return?

There are several somewhat confusing rules that will determine whether or not your teen needs to file a tax return, so let’s start with the basics


What Did South Lyon High School Students Learn from the H&R Block Budget Challenge?

Students from two classes at South Lyon High School in South Lyon, Mich., are part of the newest batch of money management masters thanks to the H&R Block Budget Challenge. Here are the top 5 things that each team learned by participating in the simulation!