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5 Things to Know about your First Paycheck

Help teens understand what to expect when expecting a check.


Talking to Teens about their Workplace

They got the job? That’s great! Psychologist Jennifer Powell-Lunder of Talking Teenage knows what your teen needs to know.


How to Spend your First Paycheck

Wendi Williams of Playground Dad offers tips you can give to teens who are about to hit pay dirt.


Help! My Teenager Got a Paycheck!

Don’t panic. Your teen earning money is a good thing. Jaime Ervin from Parent Palace is here to guide you over this parenting hurdle.


What I Wish I’d Done with my First Paycheck

Erin Lowry of Broke Millennial has some words of wisdom for the next generation.

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Which Generation is the Most Money-Smart? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Think you know more about finance than your parents did? We’ve got statistics on the financial health of four generations. See where you fall.


Should I Tell My Teen How Much Money We Make?

Should you teach your children about finances by exposing your own? Psychologist Jennifer Powell-Lunder tackles the controversy.


Balancing High School and a Job

Fresh from our personal finance adviser Brian Page, find out how real high school students are making work … work.


5 Decisions You Have to Make About Your Money

Has your teen or student made these five financial decisions? Have you?


5 Wild and Crazy Ways Teens can Make Money

Help teens find a first job they’ll be talking about for the next 80 years: