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2015 Financial Planning With Your Teen

Want to prep for the new year? Mapping out your personal finances is always a good move. Get your teens started with these tips from Wendi Williams of The Playground Dad.

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3 Reasons Financial Resolutions Fail (And How To Succeed)

Erin Lowry shares advice on how teens can avoid these three personal finance pitfalls.

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Teaching Teens To Plan For The New Year: The Rewards Of Realistic Resolutions

Resolutions are great, but Jennifer Powell-Lunder has advice to ensure teens are making realistic financial goals.

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Teaching Teens: What A New Year Means For Money

Brian Page shares five tips to help teens start 2015 heading down the right financial path.

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10 Steps To Help Your Teenager Create A Budget For 2015

Teach your teen to make good financial decisions in the new year by following these 10 simple steps from Vicki Davis.

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New Years Resolutions: Effectively Managing Family Finances For A Prosperous Year

Jennifer Powell-Lunder shares a few financial resolutions you can make to start the year off right.

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9 Tasks To Wrap Up Your Family Finances In 2014

It’s exciting to move into a new year and new opportunities. Here are helpful tips on how to wrap up 2014 and make sure you’re not dragging financial headaches with you.

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5 Ways Teens Can Save More Money In 2015

Teach teens how to get in the habit of saving with these simple tips.


Teaching Teens the Joy of Giving Back

Tis the season for teaching teens about charitable giving. Clinical psychologist Jennifer Powell-Lunder can help you with your game plan.


Checking In: The H&R Block Budget Challenge

The H&R Block Budget Challenge is a free teen financial literacy program that was introduced earlier this year. Thousands of students are already participating from classrooms across the country. Register now — $3 million is up for grabs!