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Financial Literacy Tips & Tricks from Money Management Superstar Rachel Fox

Check out some tips and tricks to help ensure you’re making the most of your money from teen personal finance guru Rachel Fox of Fox on Stocks.


3 Easy Ways You Can Increase Your Financial Literacy

As April comes to a close so too does Financial Literacy Month. If you’ve learned only one thing throughout the process it should be that financial literacy doesn’t come to a screeching halt when the calendar flips over to May.


5 Ways to Use Your Tax Refund Wisely

Before you can start planning what you’ll do with your sweet, sweet cash, you should first know if filing a tax return is even necessary. Once you’ve got that straightened out, follow these five suggestions on how to use your tax refund wisely:


Can You Pass This Financial Literacy Quiz?

Think you know everything about how to manage money successfully? For example, do you know the difference between different types of bank accounts? Take this financial literacy quiz and prove it!

Are Your Money Habits Thrifty or Wasteful? [VIDEO]

Just because you know the foundations of responsible money management doesn’t necessarily mean you adhere to them.


Financial Literacy Across the World

The United States is considered a global leader on numerous fronts, but when it comes to teenage financial literacy, we’re simply middle of the pack.


What Does Financial Literacy Mean To You?

Whether you’re 14 or 44, being financially literate is crucial at any age. We asked a group of parents and teens what being financially literate means to them and how they use this knowledge in their everyday lives!


Teaching Teens Financial Literacy on National No Housework Day

So how can you turn National No Housework Day into a teaching lesson?


Helping Teens Grow Into Successful Adults With Personal Finance Knowledge

As we continue to focus on the need for personal finance education, specifically as April marks Financial Literacy Month, it’s important to recognize its role in forming a well-rounded student.


Who’s a Bitcoin and Where Can I Facebook Him?

So what should you, the parent, know about Bitcoin? We’ve distilled the info and packaged it into bite-sized pros and cons.