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5 Unexpected College Expenses To Start Planning For Now

Tuition? A given. Books? Of course. Here are some college expenses that are easy to overlook.

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Teaching Teens: Why It’s Important To Invest In The Future

Wendi Williams of Playground Dad shares advice for helping teens take interest in their financial future.

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College Days: Considering the Costs

College is an exciting time, but don’t forget to help your teen budget properly!

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Unexpected College Expenses That Happen During High School

Waiting until college to worry about college expenses? Think again.

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H&R Block Budget Challenge Spotlight: Guntersville High School

Last Friday we traveled to Alabama and visited Guntersville High School, where 11 students were each awarded a $20,000 college scholarship for their stellar performance in the H&R Block Budget Challenge, our teen financial literacy program.

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Where To Look For College Scholarships

Erin Lowry of The Broke Millennial explains why college scholarships aren’t just for athletic and academic all-stars.

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Examining College Expenses: Tuition Is Only Part Of The Equation

Getting accepted to your choice school is just the first step. Vicki Davis breaks down various college expenses to expect.

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College Prep: Budgeting Before You Get to School

Jennifer Powell-Lunder shares tips to help your teen prepare for college before stepping foot onto campus.

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4 Tools For Effectively Managing College Finances

The Broke Millenial recommends four helpful financial tools that every college student should have.

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Preparing For The Cost Of College

Crystal Rapinchuk shares tips on how families of teens can prepare for the impending cost of higher education.