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Five Ways to Help Your Teen Boost their Credit Score

While your teen may not be ready to have their own American Express card with an unlimited credit just yet, there are steps that you can take now that will help them boost their credit scores.


Five Online Banking Habits Your Teen Needs

While online banking is a convenient, fast and simple solution, it’s not risk-free. Teach your teen these five habits for secure online banking to avoid credit fraud and identity theft.


Choosing The Best Student Housing For Your Teen—And Your Wallet

While you may have little control over the cost of pens, notebooks and the fact your professor just switched to the newest print edition of a textbook—meaning you have to buy new—you can figure out how to save on living expenses.


Helping Your Teen Choose a Financial Aid Package

Choosing a college to attend is a big decision for your teen—not just for the impact it will have on their future, but also for the impact it will have on their wallet.


Breaking Down A Paycheck: Teaching Your Teen About Tax Withholding

Teens may be in for a not-so-sweet surprise when they open up their first paycheck to discover that a chunk of that total is missing. That’s why it’s important for teens to understand what tax withholding is, what they qualify for and where those deductions are documented before they get their first paycheck.


How Volunteer Work Can Help Your Teen Think About Money

Teaching your teens how to think about money can feel like a daunting task. Where do you start? How do you make it relatable? How can you help them understand? Sometimes hands-on experience is the best experience.


How Real-World Experience Can Teach Smart Spending

With summer jobs well underway, now is the perfect opportunity to teach teens the true value of their time and earnings while preparing for the school year ahead.


Direct Deposit vs. Paper Paychecks: Deciding What’s Best For Your Teen

Your teen has been hired at his or her first job—and everyone is excited. One of the first financial decisions your kid will have to decide on is whether they’d like to receive compensation by direct deposit or as paper paychecks. Here’s how you can help them decide.


How to Help Your Teen Choose a Credit Card

With thousands of credit cards to choose from, how do you know which is best for your teen?


Navigating Student Loans: Use Summer to Prepare for FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can be a cause for confusion when it comes to thinking about paying for college, but there are steps you can take now to relieve stress and maximize efficiency when filling it out.