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Make Your Teen Better at Money than You Were

We’ve all made financial mistakes. Psychologist Jennifer Powell-Lunder of Talking Teenage suggests you use your misfortunes (or “missed fortunes”) to your teen’s advantage.


Give Your Teen a Real Financial Task

Parents, Jaime Ervin of Parent Palace recommends you give your teen these real financial tasks that will help them build better money habits.


Teaching Teens what it Really Means to be Broke

You work hard to create a safety net for your teen. Make sure they understand what it would be like not to have it using these strategies from Lisa Carey of Money Saving Parent.


H&R Block Budget Challenge Awards Grand Prize Winner $120,000 in Scholarships

Meet the Michigan high school senior who won $120,000 toward his education by demonstrating his real-world-ready personal finance skills in the H&R Block Budget Challenge.


Preparing Teens for Financial Pressure

Nip money stress in the bud by helping teens understand these financial basics.


Teen Finance: The Real Financial Decisions They’re Already Making

Teenagers aren’t just spending money, they’re making real financial decisions. Have you talked with your kids or students about these four choices?


Teens Grateful for a Safe Place to Make Money Mistakes

Imagine if your first big money mistakes didn’t count. That’s exactly what the H&R Block Budget Challenge did for these students.


Hard Questions: Talking to Your Teen about Income

Lisa Carey of Money Saving Parent suggests you make income easy by helping your teen divide their paycheck into three purposes.


5 Things to Know about your First Paycheck

Help teens understand what to expect when expecting a check.


Talking to Teens about their Workplace

They got the job? That’s great! Psychologist Jennifer Powell-Lunder of Talking Teenage knows what your teen needs to know.