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‘Tis the Season to be Thrifty

There are ways to stick to reasonable budget and avoid a dreadful January credit card bill for the sake of your bank account. Consider teaching these money management strategies to your teen as they head off to college and eventually adulthood. Here are four ways to help you and your teen stay off the debt naughty list.


5 Ways to Shine Some Light on Black Friday

Follow these five tips to safely navigate the Black Friday waters and find yourself some impressive savings while picking up a few financial skills along the way.


Thanksgiving: Big Meal on a Small Budget

Here are four tips to share with your teen to help them understand the costs of the holiday and how to save on your family’s meal.


How to Help Your Teen Save Money While They’re in Debt

For teens eager to shed the restraints of adolescence, financial independence is one of the first true milestones. That means saving money, budgeting and paying bills in a timely fashion.

Does Your Teen Deserve An Allowance? [INFOGRAPHIC]

According to a recent study, the average Gen Z teen receives a weekly allowance of $16.90. If you’re having trouble deciding whether or not to give your teen an allowance, follow this chart and ask yourself if they earned it.


Cracking the Mystery of Bank Accounts for Teens

Whether they’re earning cash at a part-time job or collecting a more lucrative amount of allowance, it’s high time you introduce your teen to the benefits of a bank account.

Talking Money With Teens & Parents [VIDEO]

What are teens doing to be smart with their money and how influential is an open parent-child dialogue in reinforcing both good and bad behaviors? H&R Block Dollars & Sense hits the streets to find out.


Does Your Teen Know How Much It Really Costs To Live?

Graduating from teen utopia to adulthood without a sense of average everyday costs could leave them in a difficult situation. Here are the top five expenses that you should make your teen aware of.


Spending Money to Make Money: Five Loyalty Rewards Programs for Teenagers

Since teens will more than likely continue to spend money on items they want, the next best thing is to take advantage of that spending with loyalty rewards programs. Here are five loyalty rewards programs for teenagers.


High School Sports vs. Your Wallet: Who’s the Winner?

Some U.S. families are reportedly spending up to 10.5 percent of their gross income to support their children’s athletic interests. This number may be alarming, but there are ways to keep costs down so that your teen can still play sports and enjoy all the benefits.