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Adding a Personal Touch to Cafeteria Food: Meal Hacks

If you asked the average high school student to name their favorite class, chances are you’ll hear more than one sarcastic teen say lunch. Despite its lack of a curriculum, there is actually a lot to be learned during lunchtime — most notably, ways to transform the unimaginative cafeteria menu on a budget.


Not All Credit Cards Are Created Equal: Top 5 Credit Cards For Teens

You taught your children to walk, talk and grow up to become respectable, courteous young adults. Good job! But you’re not out of the woods yet.


Help! Should My Teen Have More Than One Credit Card?

Despite the resistance from most teens to take parental advice on all matters of life, 3 in 4 teens will turn to their parents for financial guidance.* So it’s crucial that you understand how many credit cards a teen should have so that when they come to you for advice, you’re able to give it.


VIDEO: Learn More About The H&R Block Budget Challenge

We’re teaching teens personal finance skills through a fun, free educational program called the H&R Block Budget Challenge.


Money & Responsibility: How Your Teen Can Get the Most Out of a High School Job

Encouraging your teen to pick up a part-time or summer job will likely elicit one of two responses: “Cool! I need more of my own money,” or “Not cool! I don’t want any more responsibility.”


Keeping Money Safe: Teaching Teens About Identity Theft and Banking Security

You may wonder why you need to teach teens about identity theft and bank security. One reason is the need to know these potential crimes as part of overall responsible money management.


Stock Market 101: Teaching Teens about Wall Street

You don’t need to be a financial expert to give your teen a solid foundation in the importance of investing.


Sharing Gone Mobile: Teaching Your Teen to Leverage the Sharing Economy

Generation after generation, parents have impressed upon their children the importance of sharing. And now the general marketplace has taken that parental advice and run with it.


Money Management Lies In Your Teen’s Hands

With the vast array of money-managing apps now available (at little to no cost), it’s easier than ever to see where you spend your money. As a result, you can ramp up your savings and buy those items you really need or want.


Five Ways to Help Your Teen Boost their Credit Score

While your teen may not be ready to have their own American Express card with an unlimited credit just yet, there are steps that you can take now that will help them boost their credit scores.