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Navigating Student Loans: Use Summer to Prepare for FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can be a cause for confusion when it comes to thinking about paying for college, but there are steps you can take now to relieve stress and maximize efficiency when filling it out.


10 Easy Ways Teens Can Save Money This Summer

School’s out for summer; use it as an opportunity to teach the importance of saving money.


Unpaid Internship, Paid Summer Job, or Summer School? Helping Your Teen Decide

Too old for summer camp, many teens keep busy with activities like unpaid internships, paid part-time jobs or summer school. But which one is right for your student?


Setting by Example: 3 Career Choices That Can Teach Your Teen Financial Skills

Every job you have provides a great backdrop for teaching your teen about the responsibilities and skills required to be successful in the real world. Here are four ways you can teach your kids career skills and financial responsibility, just by example.

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5 Ways to Teach Teenagers Entrepreneurialism This Summer

Summer vacation might be a time when some students and teenagers think they can be lazy. As a parent, how do you spark the entrepreneurial spirit?


5 Summer Activities that Teach Teens about Money

Summer is the perfect time to teach your teen money management skills. Try these activities from Lisa Carey of Money Saving Parent.


Summer Expenses for Teenagers

Summer can be expensive — be sure to plan for it with this advice from Jaime Ervin of Parent Palace.


3 Lessons I Learned from My Summer Job

Summer jobs mean more than a little extra cash — check out what Erin Lowry of Broke Millennial learned from hers.


Keeping Teens Active in Summer: Work versus Play

Help teens find the structure they need for a satisfying summer with this advice from psychologist Jennifer Powell-Lunder.


The First 5 Things You Learn in the Real World of Finance

This is the real world. You’ve been living in it awhile, but teens will just be learning these five realities for the first time.